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Electricity produced by a solar PV plant is the same type of electricity used by households. When there is too much of this energy produced, we send it to the electricity grid operator, and when there is too little of it, we take it back. More info...


SUN – the primary source of energy and light on Earth.

SOLAR PV POWER PLANT – an electric power generator made up of photovoltaic modules and voltage inverters.

ELECTRIC POWER CONSUMPTION – when using everyday household appliances such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

PROSUMPTION OF ELECTRIC POWER – energy calculated by existing electricity meter.

GRID OPERATOR – accounting administrator of two-way (produced and consumed) electric power.

   Energy supplied from a grid operator
   Energy produced from a solar PV power plant

Energy NET METERING system

This is a system that allows you to consume of all the electric power produced by the solar PV power plant for your own needs without the use of electricity-storing batteries.

Investment into a solar PV power plant pays off after 7 years. The operating lifetime of an equipped solar PV power plant is 25 years. In all of these years you will not have to think about the cost of electric power.


There are a number of solutions for installation of a solar PV power plant—it all depends on your electric power needs, as well as technological, security and aesthetic requirements for a solar PV power plant. We will help you to select the location for a solar PV power plant and a suitable solution.

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Solar profit


Source of renewable energy – a source of profit accessible for every household that has a solar PV power plant.
Solar energy


With the growing cost of electricity, the period for a return on investment in a solar PV power plant shortens and amount saved grows.
Social responsibility


Solar PV power plant – for independent and socially responsible consumers of green and clean energy.

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