Reenpro UAB is a company in the solar energy field that belongs to Marisa group. Activities of the parent company Marisa range from raw glass wholesale trade, transportation, logistics, distribution, glass processing, window manufacturing and supply of electricity. Marisa began renewable energy projects a few years ago, when it set up a plan for a 20 MW wind park, which has already been completed. 
Reenpro started the first solar PV power plant projects back in 2009, and the majority of the projects started in 2011, when the Lithuanian Parliament made a decision to establish an incentive rate of electricity from renewable sources and expressed its support for the development of small (up to 30 kW) solar PV power plant projects.
After the political situation in Lithuania changed at the beginning of 2013, this program was suspended.
The political and economic situation in the region may change, but Reenpro remains faithful to the prospects of global solar energy. In addition, Reenpro believes that the future of solar energy has just begun!
Marisa UAB started its activity as a representative branch of Saint-Gobain Glass in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad in 1996. After applying power project development experience and knowledge about glass products acquired at the parent company, Reenpro has become a team of professionals, offering solutions for electricity production from renewable sources of energy in Lithuania and Latvia.

Future owners of solar PV power plants will ensure the production of electricity for themselves for at least 25 years. That is the guaranteed life of a plant. In proposing solutions, Reenpro understands that a solar PV power plant that will operate for a quarter of a century has to be reliable, safe and effective.
Our solutions rely on the construction of power finance companies such as UniCredit Leasing. Along with financial partners we provide the opportunity to install high quality solar PV power plants.
Companies that finance the construction of power plants, such as UniCredit Leasing, trust our solutions. Along with financial partners we provide the opportunity to install high quality solar PV power plants.

Implemented projects 


During five years of active work in the field of renewable energy Reenpro has:
  • Installed a great number of solar PV power plants of various types, different versions and different equipment manufacturers in different regions of Lithuania;
  • Gathered a lot of historical and illumination data regarding construction of solar PV power plants that allow objective comparison of the efficiency of different types of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and other elements;
  • Gained experience, ensuring objective and effective decision-making when installing solar PV power plants;
  • Continually been improving while seeking only optimal solutions in its area, which is promoted by solar PV power plant technical maintenance activities that are already being provided.
  • Over 140 power plants have been installed;
  • Cumulative installed solar electric power—more than 4.6 MW;
  • More than 4.4 million kWh per year is produced in installed solar PV power plants;
  • Annual savings of more than 3,800 tons of CO2;
  • More than 21,500 pcs. of photovoltaic modules have been installed;
  • More than 350 units of inverters have been installed;
  • More than 10 different types of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film photovoltaic modules have been used.
Below you can find more detailed information on some of the projects Reenpro has implemented.

Implemented projects


Reenpro has strong support of long-term partners, so for its customers it can: 

  • Select the optimum solution for installation of solar PV power plant.
  • Ensure the smooth and timely installation of solar PV power plants.
  • Arrange solar PV power plant installation documentation.
  • Offer financing solutions for solar PV power plants.
  • Provide working guarantee of installed equipment and the work performed.